reset/terminate problems; preventing multiple XWin instances

Harold L Hunt II
Sun Feb 29 18:21:00 GMT 2004

Takuma Murakami wrote:

> Eran,
>>As for preventing multiple instances of XWin, a kludgy way to do it is
>>by checking if anyone is listening on the X server port, using NETSTAT.
> This feature is already implemented in my local tree (not
> port based but mutex based detection).  It is in test and
> documentation process and I will commit it to the public
> CVS soon.

It is at least a good feature to fail when another instance of XWin.exe 
is operating on the same display number.  Your fix still allows running 
multiple instances like the following, right?

XWin :0 -query foo_host
XWin :1 -multiwindow
XWin :2 -fullscreen

As long as it allows the above and only fails if someone tries to do the 
following, then it will be fine:

XWin :0 ...
XWin :0 ... [should fail]
XWin :0 ... [should fail]


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