reset/terminate problems; preventing multiple XWin instances
Sun Feb 29 06:41:00 GMT 2004


First, I'd like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the Cygwin/X 
developers. Your hard work has improved Cygwin/X by bounds and leaps, 
making it an increasingly attractive alternative to bloated and 
expensive commercial offerings. (Now if only multiwindow mode had decent 
performance, like the other two modes...)

A few issues I've encountered with Cygwin/X 4.3.0-47:

Issue #1:
In multiwindow mode, XWin doesn't reset when the last client exists.
   XWin :9 -terminate -multiwindow & sleep 5; DISPLAY=:9 xhost
XWin should terminate after 5 seconds, but it remains running.

Issue #2:
In the default mode, XWin sometimes terminates instead of resetting.
   XWin :9& sleep 5; DISPLAY=:9 xhost; sleep 5; DISPLAY=:9 xhost
XWin should reset after 5 seconds and again after 5 more seconds.
The first reset goes well, but on the second reset XWin usually terminates.

Issue #3:
Hoe does one write a batchfile that does "open an xterm window; run XWin 
first if necessary"? Being perhaps the most common usage case, such a 
batchfile should be bundled in the Cygwin/X package and mentioned in the 
Note that /usr/X11R6/bin/startxwin.bat always runs a new instance of 
XWin, even if one is already running. This can result in inefficiency 
and confusion when the script is executed several times to open several 
xterm windows (a natural thing to do). It's made even worse by issue #1 
Also, startxwin.bat doesn't use -clipboard.


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