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From: "Ross Boulet"
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Subject: Man not finding pages
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 16:06:22 -0600

I solved my own problem with man not finding pages but in doing the research
on it, I found something I thought might be worthy of mentioning.  From the


I learned the a colon prefix to $MANPATH allows man to search its default
paths in addition to what is specified in $MANPATH.  The
/etc/profile.d/openssl.sh script handles this ok.  However, the
/etc/profile.d/XFree86-man.sh does not handle it the same way.  I had an
empty $MANPATH (since corrected by a new /etc/profile script).  The
XFree86-man.sh ran first and found no $MANPATH and thus assigned
"/usr/X11R6/man" (no colon prefix) to $MANPATH.  Then openssl.sh appended
":/usr/ssl/man".  The absence of a leading colon caused man to not find the
basic pages so that basic stuff like 'man ls' produced 'No manual entry for

I would suggest the XFree86-man.sh script be modified to add a colon prefix
to $MANPATH to be consistent with the openssl.sh treatment of an empty

My apologies if this should have been posted to the cygwin-xfree ML, but I
thought it appropriate here because it affects more than X.


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