XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-47 copy/paste trouble and BadAtom.

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Sun Feb 29 01:57:00 GMT 2004


Alexander Gottwald wrote:

> Virgilio, Vincent wrote:
>>when using ssh and X-forwarding (now with ForwardX11Trusted = yes)? It
>>looks like I have cookies in the right place. xauth report the same ones
>>on both the local and remote machine. Though, I have gnawing concerns
>>about the host part of the display name in those cookies; the
>>(alphabetic) cases do not match. Hum. I should try to share cookies
>>again (xauth extract, scp, xauth merge).
> It is an issue how the xserver handles untrusted clients. Until openssh
> 3.8 all clients forwarded by ssh were trusted by default. Now they are
> untrusted by default.

Wow, good thing I haven't commented on this yet.  I upgraded to OpenSSH 
3.8 when it came out and since then have noticed that all of my ssh 
connections (even those done by cvs) were enabling X11 forwarding by 
default.  I thought this was interesting, particularly since it wasn't 
mentioned in the release notes.  I was just about to describe how this 
change was made in OpenSSH 3.8 and how I am really smart because I am 
the only one that noticed it... then I realized:

1) My ssh_config is modified to enable X11Forwarding (I don't have to 
use -X, but I always do because I had forgotten that I changed this 

2) I had installed SFU 3.5 at about the same time that I upgraded to 
OpenSSH 3.8.  Turns out that SFU 3.5 adds DISPLAY= to the 
global environment variables.

The combination of these two meant that ssh was acting as if it was 
getting passed a -X and it had a valid DISPLAY value at all times, so it 
was enabling X11 forwarding at all times.

I was wondering if this change in behavior meant that our multi-window 
window manager would be unable to connect to the server when an ssh 
session had been opened on the local machine already.  I did some 
testing but was not able to cause this to happen.  In any case, my great 
ideas for what was causing this problem are useless :)


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