Multi-window problems on remote clients

Harold L Hunt II
Sun Feb 29 01:30:00 GMT 2004

Jim Scheef wrote:
> Hello,
> Wow, I actually get an opprotunity to contribute!
> I use Xdmcp with -multiwindow and it works fine. You just need to use the
> Xnest client/server to provide a 'window' for the remote machine. The
> command... 
> $ Xnest :1 -query <host>
> gets it going.


Heh heh... while this is true, it is a less than ideal way to do things. 
  In fact, you can do this with XWin.exe just fine:

REM Start a local server with multi-window on display 0
XWin :0 -multiwindow -clipboard

REM Start an Xdmcp session on display 1
XWin :1 -query <host> -clipboard -nodecoration -lesspointer

That gives you two independent instances of XWin and it doesn't use 
Xnest, which will improve performance and the behavior of the Xdmcp 
session (Xnest is known to have a few quirks where things don't work 
quite right, such as the screen sometimes blanking then redrawing).

Let me know if that fits your needs.  I should probably add a few 
examples of how Xdmcp can be used to the User's Guide and this is one 
that I would add if it is useful.


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