Multi-window problems on remote clients

Harold L Hunt II
Sat Feb 28 23:26:00 GMT 2004

Takuma Murakami wrote:
>>C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\XWin.exe -multiwindow -nowinkill -once -broadcast
> I don't think -multiwindow with XDMCP is supported.

Takuma is right.  The Multi-Window Window Manager is, as the name 
implies, a window manager; logging into a remote machine via Xdmcp 
(using the -broadcast, -query, or -indirect command-line parameters) 
causes the remote machine to start a window manager.  You can only have 
one window manager at a time for a given display and screen.

In addition, you are seeing strange behavior when using -clipboard 
because -clipboard enables some code that allows clients on your local X 
machine to connect to the X Server when you are using Xdmcp.  Oddly 
enough, Xdmcp usually disables access for clients local to the X Server 
and it requires that all X clients know a certain "magic cookie" in 
order to be able to connect.  The clipboard code adds an internal "magic 
cookie" that allows the clipboard client to connect; it looks like a 
side-effect of this is that the window manager is also able to connect 

You bring up another interesting point that I have not specifically 
tested: whether -clipboard works with -broadcast.  I know that the 
clipboard manager generally works with -query for Xdmcp, but there is a 
slight possibility that it would not work with -broadcast.  However, I 
suspect that your problems with the clipboard support will go away when 
you remove the -multiwindow parameter.

I think I will add some checks to the server now that cause the 
-multiwindow flag to be overridden if -query, -broadcast, or -indirect 
is specified.


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