Multi-window problems on remote clients

Nigel Hathaway
Thu Feb 26 20:00:00 GMT 2004

When accessing remote clients using the multiwindow mode, the title is
always "Cygwin/X X" and the close button (X on top right of window
bar/frame) does not send the appropriate to the client - i.e. the window
does not close. [The icon, however, makes it through OK to the top left)

This can be reproduced as follows:

Log onto a remote Linux box using XDMCP. Choose 'Failsafe' login - i.e no
window manager, just an Xterm. Start various program from the shell.

My command line was as follows:

C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\XWin.exe -multiwindow -nowinkill -once -broadcast

I am using Windows XP. My remote box uses Fedora core 1.

I am using a 'recent' version of XWin - January 2004, I think.

 - Nigel Hathaway

Barnabas Projects Limited
Tel: +44 117 937 4197

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