cygwin/xfree86/emacs problems after upgrading

Takuma Murakami
Thu Feb 26 17:46:00 GMT 2004


> Yes, it's a neat trick *if* the only thing people changed was the install
> drive.  If they change the path, all bets are off.  I'm surprised you
> don't actually customize startxwin.bat (and similar files, like
> startxdmcp.bat) in a postinstall script (which can run under a Cygwin
> shell, and thus know the root of the install).  You could choose a
> template value, e.g. "%$CYGWIN_ROOT$%", and replace that with "`cygpath -w
> /`" using, say, sed.  If you're interested, I could whip up an example
> postinstall script for you in the next week or so.

I'm interested in that trick out of curiosity.
Could you show me your boilerplate?

Takuma Murakami

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