Critical: Unable to type in the password in ssh in order to start X

Takuma Murakami
Thu Feb 26 17:26:00 GMT 2004


> I have the latest stable versions of cygwin and cygwin/X. I usually 
> update them every month or so. After I automatically updated it last 
> time to the latest cygwin release, I started to have problems with my 
> X-configuration. I have the following in my ~/.xinitrc file:
> xhost +
> ssh myusername@ "setenv DISPLAY; startkde"
> Before the bug, I was able to run xinit, switch to console again, type 
> the password and switch to the display again. Now, when I am trying to 
> type the password, I can see all the characters that I am typing, and 
> after pressing <enter>, I am given the second prompt for the password 
> with the same problems. And so on. Therefore, I cannot use XFree86 
> anymore, because I am unable to authorise. :-(

I tested it from non-X version of rxvt and got no problem.
My .initrc is:

ssh -CX user@host startkde

Hope this helps.

Takuma Murakami

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