cygwin/xwin multiple logon scripts

Don V Black
Wed Feb 25 19:01:00 GMT 2004

Hi -

I have cygwin on W2K Pro from which I launch xwin.exe
I use xwin to monitor 3 Linux servers.  I use the ALT-Fn
feature of xwin to open a separate virtual xwin session
(what is that called ... a panel? a window? an instance?)
for each server.  I then open multiple telnet sessions
form each xwin ALT-Fn instance.  I must relogon to each
of these servers from the multiple telnet sessions every
time W2K is reboot. Of course, this is often.

My question is "How do I set up a script to perform this
multiple logon to multiple servers from xwin under cygwin?"
My W2K client system is on a LAN behind a firewall.

Thank you in advance.

   Warm Regards,
   Don V Black

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