Checking Cygwin version (FAQ Alert!) (Was Re: map mouse button 4 or 5 to button 2?)

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Mon Feb 23 00:42:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 06:11:57PM -0500, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Jeffrey J. Gray wrote:
> > [snip]
> > ... and I'm running .... hm, not sure how to check my Cygwin version,
> > it's probably ~4 months old .... on WinXP.
> Jeff,
> Just like on any Unix system, "uname -srv" will return the kernel (in
> Cygwin's case, cygwin1.dll) version.  On Cygwin, you can also use
> "cygcheck -srv" to get detailed information about your system (essential
> for diagnosing Cygwin problems, see <>), or
> "cygcheck -cd" to just get the versions of all installed packages (or omit
> the "-d" flag to also check them for integrity).  If you post the output
> of either "cygcheck -srv" or "cygcheck -cd", please *attach* it to your
> message, rather than including it inline.

Or, since all he wanted was the Cygwin version, just "uname -r" or
"cygcheck -cd cygwin" would work fine. :)

> P.S. I was surprised that this isn't in the FAQ.  David, could you please
> add this, under the heading "What version of Cygwin do I have?" or
> something?  Oh, and BTW, there's a "What version is this, anyway?" entry
> that has nothing to do with this question, and is pretty confusing.

Since David is still AWOL, I guess I've taken over FAQ maintainence too.
I rewrote most of the "What version is this, anyway?" entry, removing
all the references to the 'recent' (2000 April) switch to setup.exe,
and noting the difference between Cygwin the package and Cygwin the system.
You can read it at:


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