XWin causes Windows apps to hang(?)

Alexander Gottwald ago@lupus.ago.vpn
Sun Feb 22 19:51:00 GMT 2004

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> Yes, the OpenClipboard failure is probably causing your crash.

winProcSetSelectionOwner - OpenClipboard () failed: 00000000
winProcSetSelectionOwner - OpenClipboard () failed: 00000000

0 is ERROR_SUCCESS which means "The operation completed successfully"
I guess the clipboard was opened successfully but returned a wrong
error condition. After bailing out we leave the clipboard in an open
state and other programs can not access it anymore.

I guess this is worth a try:

from winclipboardwrappers.c:461

  /* Access the Windows clipboard */
  if (!OpenClipboard (g_hwndClipboard))
      DWORD errorcode = GetLastError();
      ErrorF ("winProcSetSelectionOwner - OpenClipboard () failed: %08x\n",
            (int) errorcode);
      if (errorcode != ERROR_SUCCESS)
        goto winProcSetSelectionOwner_Done;


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