New windowing code

Takuma Murakami
Sun Feb 22 14:47:00 GMT 2004


> The new code seems to fix the problems for me. I had easily reproducible 
> problems and the new version never exhibited them during my tests.

That's good.  Thank you for reporting.

> I had just one minor glitch in non maximized windows with shadowed popup 
> menues, where, for some reason, a couple of lines is drawn on the main window 
> title bar. This happened only with CrossOver applications and may be due to 
> the way commands are converted from GDI to X, producing unusal usage 
> patterns. If you need snapshots or debug info, please let me know.

I want to leave it because I don't have the software and
the debug without symptoms is pretty hard.  A question I have
is: was the problem observed with older versions or is newly
introduced in release-45?

Takuma Murakami

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