Clipboard sometimes removes linefeeds

Harold L Hunt II
Sun Feb 22 13:36:00 GMT 2004


Øyvind Harboe wrote:
> Two more items:
> - If I disable the clipboard (remove -clipboard from when launching XWin),
> line feeds are still removed when I paste into Emacs.
> This goes for Emacs.exe under CygWin and "ssh -X emacs" to my Linux box.
> - The function call below that I referred to in my previous post was in 
> winclipboardxevents.c  ca. line 540

As you point out, it isn't a problem specific to Cygwin.  The problem 
occurs when copying in a remote Evolution and pasting in a remote Emacs, 
even when not using -clipboard.  The real problem here is that Evolution 
sometimes sends line feeds and sometimes strips them out.  I am sure 
that they did this for a reason (such as to allow programs that 
auto-flow line wrappings to do just that), but they went a little too 
far in not replacing line breaks with spaces and/or forgetting to leave 
in a least one line break when there are more than one in a row (such as 
between paragraphs).  This is a problem that you should mention to the 
Evolution folks.  Don't even mention Cygwin when you report the problem, 
since you are actually running it on the remote non-Cygwin system.


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