New windowing code

Harold L Hunt II
Sun Feb 22 12:30:00 GMT 2004

Great work Takuma!


Takuma Murakami wrote:

> I committed a couple of changes on windowing in multiwindow
> mode to the xorg CVS tree.  Here I mean move, resize,
> minimize, maximize, and restore operations as 'windowing'.
> This should fix the following problems about windowing.
> 1) Maximize->Minimize->Maximize loses the window contents.
> 2) After 1, window size cannot be correctly restored.
> 3) Left and top borders does not resize but move the window.
> 4) Moved window occasionally fails to update its contents.
> A note for test: if you compile it from CVS, you need to do
> 'touch winallpriv.c' after 'cvs update' or XWin.exe crashes
> on exiting.
> Any comments, questions, test/bug reports will be
> greatly appreciated.
> Takuma Murakami

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