Ctrl-C propagates

Guy Harrison swamp-dog@ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 22 01:29:00 GMT 2004

On Friday 10 October 2003 21:46, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> Dia,
> Hmm... I don't understand what is happening here.  Can anyone else
> confirm this?

Yes. Scenario here (Win2k Pro V5 Build 2195 SP4) for me is:

cyg> "startx&" from a bash console (fires a window manager-less xterm).
cyg> ssh -X admin@svr.swampdog (me FreeBSD 5.2 box)
bsd> wmaker&

A ctrl-c at the <cyg> bash console kills all X processes on <bsd>. Ditto 
if I fire up kde instead of windowmaker (and ditto kde/gnome apps from 
inside windowmaker). The X server is left running - appears to be the 
only thing immune to the ctrl-c. Quit it windoze style (click closer) 
and we're back to original <cyg> bash console. Aside from the 
uncerimonious terminations there don't appear to be any side-effects. 

If one were to imagine the ctrl-c being "broadcast" to all X descendants 
that about sums it up.

$ cygcheck -s |grep "ssh\|XFree\|cygwin1"
 1083k 2004/01/31 E:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll
        DLL identifier: cygwin1
        Shared id: cygwin1S3
openssh                 3.7.1p2-2           
XFree86-base            4.3.0-1             
XFree86-bin             4.3.0-8             
XFree86-bin-icons       4.3.0-5             
XFree86-doc             4.3.0-1             
XFree86-etc             4.3.0-6             
XFree86-f100            4.2.0-3             
XFree86-fenc            4.2.0-3             
XFree86-fnts            4.2.0-3             
XFree86-fscl            4.2.0-3             
XFree86-fsrv            4.3.0-7             
XFree86-html            4.3.0-1             
XFree86-lib             4.3.0-1             
XFree86-lib-compat      4.3.0-2             
XFree86-man             4.3.0-2             
XFree86-nest            4.3.0-5             
XFree86-prog            4.3.0-12            
XFree86-prt             4.3.0-5             
XFree86-ps              4.3.0-1
XFree86-startup-scripts 4.2.0-5             
XFree86-vfb             4.3.0-5             
XFree86-xserv           4.3.0-44

I can do some tests if prompted.

Guy Harrison

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