map side mouse button to button 2?

Jeffrey J. Gray
Sat Feb 21 00:11:00 GMT 2004

Thanks everyone for the help.  I upgraded my cygwin build to a Jan30 
version, so xmodmap works and can mix around the button functions.  
However, in xev, buttons '4' and '5' indeed (as someone posted earlier 
today) correspond to the wheel motions, not to the buttons on the side 
of my mouse.  These buttons produce nothing xev -- so will it ever be 
possible to use these buttons in cygwin-xfree?

Harold, your solution worked, setting the middle button to autoscroll 
recovers the usual paste function.

The current solution is suboptimal--I still dislike using the wheel 
button so regularly, and it seems a shame to waste the perfectly good 
side buttons on the mouse.  If anyone comes up with better solutions, 
please let me know.  For now at least everything works.

Thanks again for the help.


PS-without subscribing to this newsgroup, is there anyway to be sure 
reply messages get tied to the correct thread??  there is no 'reply to' 
button from the html newsgroup archive pages where I read the postings. 

> Jeff,
> I just bought the same keyboard and mouse setup and ran into the same 
> issue that you did. The key is to make the mouse wheel click map to 
> something that the mouse driver does not intercept and prevent from 
> being handled by the current application. The "Switch Application" 
> function is an intercepted function, whereas the old default 
> "AutoScroll" is not intercepted, so the mouse wheel click is passed 
> through to the current application. I am not sure there is much we can 
> do to force the mouse driver to pass us the mouse wheel click, so you 
> might just have to set it back to AutoScroll to get the desired 
> functionality.
> Harold
> Jeffrey J. Gray wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to have either button 4 or 5 (usually the forward/back 
> buttons) send a 'button 2' signal (ie paste) to cygwin applications? 
> The reasons for this are (1) since button 2 is on the wheel, pressing 
> this button sometimes also accidentally sends a scroll signal making 
> for sloppy paste operations and (2) I just upgraded my mouse, and in 
> the new standard configuration, Windows intercepts button 2 and makes 
> it a 'switch applications' signal. I need button 2 for Cygwin paste 
> operations, so I'm anxious to restore this functionality to my cygwin.
> My new mouse/keyboard setup is MS Wireless Optical Desktop Elite 
> (which includes a Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0), and I'm running 
> .... hm, not sure how to check my Cygwin version, it's probably ~4 
> months old .... on WinXP.
>Thanks for the help,

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