System lockup problems with XWin clipboard
Thu Feb 19 12:38:00 GMT 2004

> I have for some time accumulated a suspicion that XWin is at some point
> hogging the global Windows message loop.
> This post is the feeble beginning of cornering this problem.
> - The most recent thing that made me suspect this, was when I was
> debugging an application that got stuck on the statement below. After
> shutting down XWin, the application was unstuck. 

I experience a lock-up related to the XWin clipboard about 
once a day. Windows applications that I tried to paste to 
only continue after killing XWin (shutdown often doesn't work then).
I run nothing special (like gdb), just an xterm and Word or PowerPoint.

This is just to confirm your observation, I have no further analysis.
[I'm not sure if this mail makes it to the cygwin mailing list, 
I'm not registered there and found your posting in the mail archive; 
so maybe you can quote me there.]

Kind regards,
Thomas Wolff
Dr. Thomas Wolff,, +49-30-386-23419
Siemens ICM N AS RD C 2
Siemensdamm 50, D-13629 Berlin, Germany

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