Window events skip past window manager?

Takuma Murakami
Thu Feb 19 08:46:00 GMT 2004


> I'm just installed using Cygwin/X via Cygwin Setup:
>   XFree86-base v 4.3.0-1
>   XFee86-bin v 4.3.0-8
> Running on Win XP Pro.

The version of XFree86-xserv is important.  Options for
XWin.exe are also good information.

> It's a great relief to see X again!  I'm starting off with just
> the default twm.  However, it seems that most window mouse and
> key events are not captured by the window manager, and instead
> are passed on to the app. 
> For example:
>   Button3 = : all : f.raiselower
> This works only for the root, the window titlebar, and in the iconmgr.
> In the window, it just passes Button3 on to the running application.

I assume you mention twm and tested using .twmrc containing
only the line you showed.  It looks raiselower is working
correctly on the release-44 server with no option given.

>  "F1" = : all : f.raiselower
>  "F2" = : all : f.warpto "emacs"
> Both of these work only on root.  I've played with fvwm2 as well
> and experienced similar results.

I also tried the F1 case and got success.

> Anyway to get this to work?

I suspect that you are using a too old version of Cygwin/X
or your .twmrc has some errors.

Takuma Murakami

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