Checking Cygwin version (FAQ Alert!) (Was Re: map mouse button 4 or 5 to button 2?)

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed Feb 18 23:31:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Jeffrey J. Gray wrote:

> [snip]
> ... and I'm running .... hm, not sure how to check my Cygwin version,
> it's probably ~4 months old .... on WinXP.


Just like on any Unix system, "uname -srv" will return the kernel (in
Cygwin's case, cygwin1.dll) version.  On Cygwin, you can also use
"cygcheck -srv" to get detailed information about your system (essential
for diagnosing Cygwin problems, see <>), or
"cygcheck -cd" to just get the versions of all installed packages (or omit
the "-d" flag to also check them for integrity).  If you post the output
of either "cygcheck -srv" or "cygcheck -cd", please *attach* it to your
message, rather than including it inline.
P.S. I was surprised that this isn't in the FAQ.  David, could you please
add this, under the heading "What version of Cygwin do I have?" or
something?  Oh, and BTW, there's a "What version is this, anyway?" entry
that has nothing to do with this question, and is pretty confusing.
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