map mouse button 4 or 5 to button 2?

Jeffrey J. Gray
Wed Feb 18 22:05:00 GMT 2004


Is it possible to have either button 4 or 5 (usually the forward/back 
buttons) send a 'button 2' signal (ie paste) to cygwin applications?  
The reasons for this are (1) since button 2 is on the wheel, pressing 
this button sometimes also accidentally sends a scroll signal making for 
sloppy paste operations and  (2) I just upgraded my mouse, and in the 
new standard configuration, Windows intercepts button 2 and makes it a 
'switch applications' signal.  I need button 2 for Cygwin paste 
operations, so I'm anxious to restore this functionality to my cygwin.

My new mouse/keyboard setup is MS Wireless Optical Desktop Elite (which 
includes a Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0), and I'm running .... hm, 
not sure how to check my Cygwin version, it's probably ~4 months old 
.... on WinXP.

Thanks for the help,

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