Sound Support Cygwin/X

Loren H. Burlingame
Tue Feb 17 18:06:00 GMT 2004

Gerhard Zweimüller wrote:
> I am using a Linux box and connect to it my Windows XP
> notebook as X-Server running Cygwin/X. I connect with
> XDMCP and it all works fine. After login when KDE is
> starting up I see a message that the /dev/dsp device
> could not be initialised.

Firstly, I think that this is a permissions problem.
Take a look at /dev/dsp and make sure that the user you log in as has 
permissions to write to this device. This is usually done by adding the 
user to the "audio" group or something similar

> Is it true, that Cygwin/X does not support sound
> "forwarding"?
> Are there any other solutions?

I have not gotten XDMCP working properly (you are further along than I 
am) but I am fairly sure that if you can get esound or arts to "forward" 
the sound you can figure out some way to get it through the XDMCP session.


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