Sound Support Cygwin/X

Gerhard Zweimüller
Tue Feb 17 11:01:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I am sorry, if the question is off-topic. I've checked
all related FAQs and archives but could not find a
solution to my problem:

I am using a Linux box and connect to it my Windows XP
notebook as X-Server running Cygwin/X. I connect with
XDMCP and it all works fine. After login when KDE is
starting up I see a message that the /dev/dsp device
could not be initialised.

Is it true, that Cygwin/X does not support sound
Are there any other solutions?

My goal is to to run a SIP Phone on the Linux box and
use my Windows box for display/mic/speakers.

Thanks and best regards,

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