Problems with the right-button.

Takuma Murakami
Tue Feb 17 09:46:00 GMT 2004


Just a sanity check:  xterm does not show menus for right
clicks.  You get the font menu by pressing a control key
and right mouse button, for example.

It is better to consult xev program.  What do you get when
you right-click xev window?  Do you get a ButtonPress like
the following?

ButtonPress event, serial 17, synthetic NO, window 0x800001,
    root 0x3a, subw 0x800002, time 12565257, (41,39), root:(47,64),
    state 0x0, button 3, same_screen YES

Takuma Murakami

> Hi!
> I am using cygwin/x to connect via XDMCP to a server with SunOs 5.7 and CDE
> 1.3.4, working as a management server with the graphical application
> "Openview Operations for Solaris" to manage a Regional Corporative Network.
> The mouse right-button (button 3) works fine over the CDE desktop and the
> title bars, displaying the contextual menus, but inside the windows (xterm,
> Openview windows,...) it does not work (no contextual menu), but I need this
> functionality!!!
> Can anybody help me?
> Regards,
> Gonzalo Cano.

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