Change Request

J. W. Andersen, Falster System Teknik
Mon Feb 16 09:34:00 GMT 2004

I have 2 suggestions, that could make Cygwin/X the ultimate tool for me,
and probably many other people around the world.
We are talking about XDMCP connection modes here.

As an example, WinaXe (former XwinPro) has 3 XDMCP modes: direct,
indirect and broadcast. The latter has not much to do with what is usually
considered broadcast in this respect, but is nonetheless rather 
interesting for
many puposed. In short, the user sets up a list of hosts for his own 
those hosts are polled for XDMCP availability by the program, and the
operable hosts are listed in a selection menu. If the mentioned function
could be implemented in Xwin.exe, I think it would be great, but to
avoid any further confusion it should not be named "broadcast".
"Specific host selection" or something like that might be a better

Why do I need this ? Because I have to monitor and administer a variety
of Linux servers in different locations and on different subnets. This alone
rules out the usual XDMCP broadcasting. In my case, indirect XDMCP
is also problematic for a couple of reasons: If the "indirecting" server is
down, you can not get the hostlist, and if the server at the same time is a
VPN/Ipsec gateway point for the other subnets, these are not seen
from the servers point of view, even though they are visible from
other stations in the same subnet.

Would it be possible to make some automatic assignment of display
number from 0 and upwards ? This could be a big help for users
who frequently need more entities of Xwin open towards different
servers at the same time ?

That said, thanks a million to the people, who created and maintain
this splendid software tool. It is certifiably the most convincing
X-server for Windows, I have seen untill now.

If  someone wants to beat me up for these request, feel free to do
so to my direct email, as I am presently off the list.

Regards  Joern W. Andersen,   

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