CGI object leak with remote emacs

Jeremy Tan
Sat Feb 14 17:51:00 GMT 2004

A bit more followup on the problem: it only seems to happen when there
is more than one emacs frame open.  With just one emacs frame the GDI
object count stays stable, but the moment I open another frame, the
GDI count balloons up very quickly.


Jeremy Tan wrote:
> I don't know if this is related to the problems that people are
> experiencing with local copies of emacs but I'm seeing a GDI object
> leak with remote invocations of emacs that are routed back to my X
> server.
> Basically, I run cygwin/XFree86 on my local workstation, and I start
> an emacs on a Unix server that is displayed on my X server here.
> When using emacs, everytime I open a file, I can see that the XWin.exe
> processes gains a few GDI objects, but killing that buffer in emacs
> doesn't free them.  Exiting emacs doesn't free them either.  Once the
> leak grows enough (around 1500 GDI objects in XWin.exe) I start
> getting repaint problems and I have to kill X and restart it.
> This only started occuring when I updated my cygwin package last
> week.  Below is my cygcheck output.
> Thanks,
> j

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