Strange problem with shadowed window

Øyvind Harboe
Wed Feb 11 20:45:00 GMT 2004

I'm seing a strange problem. 

When I open a window in Evolution to write an email, there is sometimes
a partially obscured shadow window behind(to the left) of my window. Ca.
30 pixels are visible.

Stranger yet, the partially obscured window appears to be functional.

If I navigate the mouse over the buttons of the partially obscured
shadow window, I see buttons being highlighted.

There is a different problem I sometimes run into, that smells similiar.

When I open Evolution, the mouse will sometimes be offset to the left
and above of the mouse hotspot by ~50x50 pixels.

The problem goes away when I minimize and maximize the Window.

More speculation....

Windows XP animates windows (i.e. resizes in multiple steps) to create a
zoom effect.

Could this be a animated(zoom) window race condition?


1. XFree is notified of change in window size
2. XFree gets window size
3. Windows resizes the window again
4. XFree clears the "changed flag"

The fix would be to swap 2 and 4.

This does not explain the shadowed window.


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