simple problem with 2 monitors

Andrew Braverman
Wed Feb 11 17:21:00 GMT 2004

Though I do not use multiple monitors and may be missing something about the
way you are doing things, I think that what you are missing is that in
multiwindow mode, each X window is a separate MS window. There is also a
root X window that is usually hidden, but that you can see, and would see as
a dark background with, potentially, some white rectangles that may or may
not show something else.  There would be no menu bars on these.  My guess is
that you moved the root window to your other monitor, but did not move any
of the X windows there.  Is that possible?

- Andy

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> []On Behalf Of Alberto Sáez Torres
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> Subject: simple problem with 2 monitors
>   Hello. I've been loocking for any answer in the mailist,
> but I've no
> found any usefull data for my problem:
>   I'm using a laptop with an nvidea, and I usually work with
> 2 monitors.
> (1024x768 and  other with 1280x1024) I use an extended
> Desktop: I have
> in my main monitor the taksbar, but I can move any window to
> any of the
> two monitors.
> If I exec:
> $ XWin.exe -multiwindow -multiplemonitors &
> and call any X-application (xterm, by example) the window
> appears in the
> main monitor. But if I try to move it to the second monitor, I can't
> work with it (the window only shows a white rectangle)
>   I've try with a lot of configurations (with -screen, with
> and wihtout
> -multiplemonitors and so on, but I can't get the solution.
>   So... Can anyone help me?
>   Thansk for your help.
> 						Alberto Sáez

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