Window events skip past window manager?

Christopher J. White
Tue Feb 10 14:15:00 GMT 2004

I'm just installed using Cygwin/X via Cygwin Setup:
  XFree86-base v 4.3.0-1
  XFee86-bin v 4.3.0-8

Running on Win XP Pro.

It's a great relief to see X again!  I'm starting off with just
the default twm.  However, it seems that most window mouse and
key events are not captured by the window manager, and instead
are passed on to the app. 

For example:

  Button3 = : all : f.raiselower

This works only for the root, the window titlebar, and in the iconmgr.
In the window, it just passes Button3 on to the running application.

 "F1" = : all : f.raiselower
 "F2" = : all : f.warpto "emacs"

Both of these work only on root.  I've played with fvwm2 as well
and experienced similar results.

Anyway to get this to work?


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