XWin -multiwindow crashes.

Rodrigo Medina rodmedina@cantv.net
Sat Feb 7 04:14:00 GMT 2004

Rodrigo Medina (myself) wrote:
>After upgrading, "XWin -multiwindow &" immediately crashes.
>Windows 95 reports page fault in cygwin1.dll.
>Relevant information is in attachments.

>Without the multiwindow option it is OK.

Before upgrading I had cygwin-1.5.5-1 and XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-30
after I had  cygwin-1.5.7-1 and XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-44.
Actually it is not the new version of XWin but the new cygwin
the origin of the problem. XWin-4.3.0-30 and XWin-4.3.0-44
are both OK with cygwin-1.5.5-1 and both crash with cygwin-1.5.7-1

Rodrigo Medina

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