xserv 4.3.0-44 loses information over ssh - cygcheck.out [0/1]

Andrew Schulman andrex@alumni.utexas.net
Thu Feb 5 16:53:00 GMT 2004

I have cygwin 1.5.7/xfree-xserv 4.3.0-44.  I run clients on a remote 
Linux box, and tunnel X over ssh to display them on one of two Windows 
boxes: one Win2K, with PuTTY; and one WinXP, with cygwin/OpenSSH.  I 
start my X servers in multiwindow mode:

XWin.exe -multiwindow -clipboard -dpi 100

Now on both Windows boxes, I have the same three kinds of intermittent 
information loss:

- The window "Close" button (top right) or Close command (from the 
taskbar) only works on about half of my managed X windows.  On the rest, 
it has no effect at all.  I have use the application menus instead to 
close the window, i.e. File | Quit.

- "Maximize" works correctly on only about a quarter of my managed 
windows.  On the rest, Windows maximizes the window, but the newly added 
area never gets redrawn, and the mouse cursor can't go there.  X doesn't 
seem to know about the new area in the maximized window.  I can, 
however, expand the size of the window by dragging the window borders, 
even up to about the size of the whole screen, and then the new area is 
redrawn and usable.

- About half of all managed windows show the correct window title, e.g. 
"KMail".  On the rest, I get the generic title "Cygwin/X X".

The 2nd and 3rd problems are visible in the screenshot of a maximized X 
window at 
http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/images/cygwin-xfree-ssh-problem.png .

Output of cygcheck -svr (from the Win2K/PuTTY box) is attached.  Any 
help would be appreciated, and I'd be glad to help troubleshoot.


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