frozen screen

Alexander Gottwald
Thu Feb 5 11:40:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, J S wrote:

> >J S wrote:
> >
> > > I'm running an x-app on xfree, which after going through certain options 
> >on
> > > the app, freezes the x- window where I'm working. The window stops
> > > responding to any keys or mouse clicks.
> >
> >This is quite unprecise. Which application is it and what are the options
> >which cause the freeze?
> The application is called EMC Symmetrix Console. It's used for managing EMC 
> disks. The console has the usual menu headings in the top bar, e.g File, 
> Edit, View etc. Under this, is a layout of the loaded disks and a pool of 
> offline disks at the bottom of the screen.
> You are able to select and drag offline disks to bring them online. It's at 
> this point where you select the disk that a dialog window pops up and the 
> user is prompted for information about where to add the disk to. After 
> clicking the OK button on the dialog window, the console locks up and I'm no 
> longer able to select anything with the mouse (although the mouse is still 
> able to move around the screen). None of the keys e.g. ALT+F work either.

Are other X11 programs (eg xterm) still working? Is the program consuming 100% 
cpu or is it in a sleep state or does it wait for a resource?

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