frozen screen

Thu Feb 5 09:00:00 GMT 2004

>J S wrote:
> > I'm running an x-app on xfree, which after going through certain options 
> > the app, freezes the x- window where I'm working. The window stops
> > responding to any keys or mouse clicks.
>This is quite unprecise. Which application is it and what are the options
>which cause the freeze?

The application is called EMC Symmetrix Console. It's used for managing EMC 
disks. The console has the usual menu headings in the top bar, e.g File, 
Edit, View etc. Under this, is a layout of the loaded disks and a pool of 
offline disks at the bottom of the screen.
You are able to select and drag offline disks to bring them online. It's at 
this point where you select the disk that a dialog window pops up and the 
user is prompted for information about where to add the disk to. After 
clicking the OK button on the dialog window, the console locks up and I'm no 
longer able to select anything with the mouse (although the mouse is still 
able to move around the screen). None of the keys e.g. ALT+F work either.
> >This is a tail from xwin.log
>The log shows nothing strange but it only logs a few things.

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