cygwin/xfree86/emacs problems after upgrading

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed Feb 4 21:21:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Thomas L Roche wrote:

> [snip]
> Note that I run emacs via
> emacs --debug-init &
> from bash in an xterm which I launch with
> start XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -emulate3buttons

Not quite.  Judging from your cygcheck output, you use startxwin.bat.
More below.

> [snip]
> However I'm also, again only since upgrading, having problems with
> unzip, e.g.
> >   inflating:
> /d/eclipse/builds/20040121_1953-WB213-AD-V512D-00/eclipse/plugins/
> >     735 [main] unzip 1820 cmalloc: cmalloc returned NULL
> > error:  zipfile probably corrupt (segmentation violation)
> which I get even unzip'ing a known-good file (i.e. one that I unzip'ed
> successfully before upgrading from 1.5.5-1).

Do you have a small testcase that would allow others to reproduce this?
Perhaps a (small) sample .zip file?

> [snip]
> So it seems plausible that there is also a (base) cygwin problem, which
> might be causing the emacs and unzip problems. Or that the emacs and
> unzip problems are unrelated.

They most likely are unrelated.

> What should I try next?

I'd suspect the unzip issue has to do with the path length to the file.
You can try confirming it by creating a file in a deeply nested directory,
putting that one file in a .zip, and then trying to unzip it into some
place even deeper in the directory hierarchy.  Can't help you with the
emacs issue, as I don't use emacs.

> [snip]
> (Note that cygcheck shows
>         d:\cygwin\bin
>         d:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin
> at the head of my PATH; those dirs don't exist, and they're not in my
> windows path.)

This (and the existence of CYGWIN_ROOT in your environment) is an artifact
of using startxwin.bat.  Unless you have a default directory for the
Cygwin root, you can't use that file OOTB -- you'll have to edit it and
replace "\cygwin" with the value of your Cygwin root (in your case,

> CYGWIN_ROOT = `\cygwin'

Hope this helps,
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