Takuma Murakami added to commit list

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Wed Feb 4 00:19:00 GMT 2004

> On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 12:23:57PM -0500, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
>> Takuma Murakami has been contributing patches for a few months now.  To 
>> make submitting clean patches easier for Takuma, and since we can now 
>> provide this, I have added Takuma to the list of commiters for the xorg 
>> tree on freedesktop.org.
>> Remember, we can now give commit access to anyone that demonstrates an 
>> interest in the success of the project by submitting a few clean 
>> patches.  If you have big plans for features, send some small patches to 
>> get started, then we can set you up with commit access for your 
>> continuing changes.
> Harold,
> I just want to understand what's happening with the project on SourceForge
> that we had control over anyway and you could add new committers there
> anyway ?
> Alan.


Well, the problem with the SourceForge project was that it was not where 
our upstream changes originated from and it was not the upstream final 
destination for our changes.  We got changes from non-Cygwin specific 
portions of the code and we made changes to non-Cygwin specific portions 
of the code.  Thus, we could not ignore the fact that we had an upstream 
tree that we would always want to stay in sync with.

The new xorg repository on freedesktop.org is our new upstream home. 
That makes it less work for me to keep our work in sync with our 
upstream tree.  All we have to do now is merge from the CYGWIN branch 
back to the CURRENT branch.  Even better, I can delegate this to other 
people that can *do* it rather than them just asking that it be done and 
then follow it for two months waiting to make sure that it was done 

It is really great and has dramatically cut down the amount of time that 
I spend doing administrative tasks for Cygwin/X.  It freed up enough 
time that I was able to, gasp, actually start working on new features 
again such as the improved clipboard integration.  :)

I hope that clears things up,


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