Bruce Dobrin
Tue Feb 3 21:48:00 GMT 2004


I've been trying to get some apps to work in X11 on windows,  but have been
getting errors having to do with input extension module XInputExtension. Is
this unsupported? Partially supported? other?

I checked the setup and apparently the imake cf  file for cygwin does imply
that there is some support:

#define BuildGlxExt             YES
#define BuildXInputExt          YES    /*<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<*/
#define BuildXF86VidModeExt     NO
#define BuildXF86DGA            NO      /* No direct access to hardware */

I also tryied putting this by hand into the site.def.

It appears that it was compiled in :

dobrin@THEODOLITE:/c/temp/xfree86.3.0/xc/exports/bin> grep XInputExten *
Binary file cygXi-6.dll matches
Binary file cygXtst-6.dll matches
Binary file lib/Xi/XExtInt.o matches
Binary file programs/Xserver/XWin.exe matches

We tryed to add a module loading section to the XF86config file,  but it
doesn't indicate that that is supported and the it also doesn't appear to
work.  xdpyinfo indicates the same 22 extensions regardless of changes to
the XF86config file.  /tmp/XWinrl logs do not appear to have anything

Help!?   thanks

Bruce Dobrin

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