Patch for silent exit

Harold L Hunt II
Mon Feb 2 14:28:00 GMT 2004


Thanks for the patch.

Now we just need to decide if it is a good idea to have two different 

1) Show Exit confirmation dialog box when apps are running.

2) Don't show Exit confirmation dialog box when no apps are running.

I think it is probably safe, but I know that some user out there will be 
confused.  ;)

We should get you an account so that you can commit patches to cvs 
directly.  You would only need to check here when you are changing the 
default behavior.  Obvious bug fixes can be applied without question. 
More complex bug fixes should be discussed a little.  Send me, 
privately, a preferred username and the public half of an openssh DSA 
key (ssh-keygen -t dsa) and I will get you an account on

Thanks for contributing,


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