New setup.exe snapshot - please test

Max Bowsher
Wed Dec 29 15:46:00 GMT 2004

Version 2.457.2.1

 - Fix setup keeping open handles to every tarball it installs during a run.
   (Which appears to have been indirectly responsible for the weird hangs
   people have been experiencing.)

 - Fix a miscellany of error-reporting deficiencies.

 - Close stdin, to protect against rogue postinstall scripts attempting to
   wait for user input.

Please test - if no regressions are discovered in the next few days, it will
be promoted to the release version, accessible from the main

This is almost identical to the previous snapshot, except that the rather 
aggressive reporting of wrong sized files (as unhandled exceptions!) in the 
previous snapshot has been reverted on the release branch. (A better fix 
will be forthcoming on trunk.)

(Particularly observant people will observe that the version number has 
actually gone down since the last snapshot - when it became clear that I 
would need to make a branch, I chose the most appropriate branch point, 
excluding a couple of code reorganizations that were in the last snapshot.)


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