New setup.exe release candidate - please test

Andrew Schulman
Tue Dec 28 18:43:00 GMT 2004

> I usually install everything, but always have to unselect two source 
> only packages (setup and gcc-testsuite). Is it possible to remember that 
> they are already installed and not to offer to reinstall them every time?

New feature-- probably unlikely given the current difficulty just in 
getting bugs fixed, and that the current setup utility will probably be 
scrapped altogether in favor of something better.

However, if a feature like that were to be implemented, I'd rather see 
it in those annoying checkboxes at the end.  You know, "Add an icon to 
the desktop" and "Add an icon to the start menu".  I've unchecked those 
boxes about 20 bezillion times, and every time setup forgets and asks me 

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