Having XP and KDE desktops togather

Vinod Gupta vinod@Princeton.EDU
Thu Dec 23 05:06:00 GMT 2004

 > Any suggestions to make both desktops co-exist?
 > Vinod

 > Try omitting the -multiwindow parameter. That way, the KDE desktop will
 > be started in one Windows window that you can manipulate normally.
 > If you also want to open local X clients in multiwindow mode, you can
 > start another (windowed) instance of X for your KDE desktop (i.e., use
 > "run XWin :1.0 -clipboard") and ssh with DISPLAY set to :1.0 to start
 > your KDE session.
 > --    Igor                            http://cs.nyu.edu/~pechtcha/

 > with run.exe you will have to specify at least -nodecoration.
 > "run XWin" will hide the mainwindow.
 > (-externalwm and -internalwm are available in CVS versions and
 > Xming but they are still quite experimental)
 > --    ago  Alexander.Gottwald@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de

Thanks Igor and Alexander. "run XWin -nodecoration" works fine
for me. I think this should be the default in the startxwin
script included in the Cygwin/Xfree86 distro.

"-internalwm" would be useful, particularly accross slow connections.

I saw some discussion about porting KDE to Windows.
Having an alternative desktop on Windows might be interesting
but I am happy with XP desktop for local Windows and KDE Desktop
for remote linux server, both on my laptop. This gives me the best
of both worlds. Although, traditional unix users prefer command
line interface but ability to use remote unix server through its
own desktop opens up a huge convenience.


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