lower falf of text missing in x-apps

Bharat Sinha bharat_s@berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 22 21:32:00 GMT 2004


I have just started using cygwin/X11, and the problem is that all X apps
seem to be shifted up a bit relative to the mouse/cursor on the moniter.

For example I type in a textbox of an x-app, I can't see the lower half of
the text I am typing. What lower fraction of the text I can't see depends on
the size of the font, for ex: in xterm I can't see anything I type at the
cmd line, since the font size is so so small that all of it is cut; larger
font means that only a small fraction of the text is missing from the
bottom.       Also, if I move the window up, I can see everything completely
but all dynamic elements of the app have this problem

Similarly if I need to click on a icon (in xfig for example), I can't click
on the lower half of the icon. I can only click on the top half of the icon
and half an icon length above where the icon ends on the monitor.

This somehow tells me that there is a synchronization issue with the

I couldn't find any post with a similar complaint before. I would really
appreciate it if somebody could help me, or direct me to a post which
addresses this problem--It is really annoying


btw if I use a different x-server like exceed, all apps run fine

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