Having XP and KDE desktops togather

Vinod Gupta vinod@Princeton.EDU
Wed Dec 22 04:35:00 GMT 2004

My cygwin and xfree86 installed fine on my Windows XP machine. I would 
like to have both local XP desktop and remote KDE Desktop from Linux 
server, togather. Works almost OK when I do the following:

- Execute startxwin.bat which launches xserver as:
   "run xwin -clipboard -multiwindow"
- Open ssh client terminal and connect to remote linux server
- Execute startkde from the ssh client terminal

except for the following problem:

The KDE Desktop occupies whole of XP screen and remains in foreground, 
can not be moved and can not be iconized. So Windows becomes practically 
inaccessible until I kill KDE Desktop.

Any suggestions to make both desktops co-exist?


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