How to launch kde from ssh correctly?

Alexander Gottwald
Fri Dec 17 10:17:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Mike Kenny - BCX - Professional Services JHB wrote:

> Sorry if this is a dumb question, please don't reply with a dumb answer
> :-)
> I want to use ssh to connect to a linux system and then be able to use 
> KDE to access my applications. So far using ssh -X
> and executing startkde after I login works, to an extent.
> Both the dektop and the kicker are launched, but they are launched 
> independantly. I can move the kicker around to make it visible and
> accessible and then use the menus to get into openoffice, but my real
> aim is to wean my wife away from M$ toys and get her using ooo, there
> is no way that she will be happy with having to search for the kicker.
> Is there some option to ssh that will recifty this situation?

Most likely you're starting XWin in multiwindow mode where every window
from X11 is mapped to a Windows window. If you replace the -multiwindow
with -nodecoration then you get a single window for the whole remote 
session. Or you could create a link which directly starts openoffice
without the KDE desktop

ssh -Yf soffice

BTW: you should use ssh -Y instead of ssh -X because -X does only enable
untrusted X11 connections where some features are not working.

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