How to launch kde from ssh correctly?

Mike Kenny - BCX - Professional Services JHB
Fri Dec 17 08:11:00 GMT 2004

Sorry if this is a dumb question, please don't reply with a dumb answer

I want to use ssh to connect to a linux system and then be able to use 
KDE to access my applications. So far using ssh -X
and executing startkde after I login works, to an extent.
Both the dektop and the kicker are launched, but they are launched 
independantly. I can move the kicker around to make it visible and
accessible and then use the menus to get into openoffice, but my real
aim is to wean my wife away from M$ toys and get her using ooo, there
is no way that she will be happy with having to search for the kicker.

Is there some option to ssh that will recifty this situation?


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