Andrew Schulman
Thu Dec 16 16:55:00 GMT 2004

> >>>please add me to mailing list..  I am having nothing but problems with
> >>>this
> >>
> >>The ability to add yourself to the mailing list is well-tested.  You
> >>can think of it as an entrance examination if you want.  No one is
> >>going to do this for you.
> >
> >As an additional exam, we should add the ability to write an
> >intelligent subject line.  A subject of "cygwin" or "cygwin problem" on
> >a post to any cygwin-related mailing list should result in instant
> >ejection from the list.
> Good point.  I do reject some subjects like that in the main cygwin list
> but I hadn't done so here.
> I have now, though.  However, if people think that's too harsh, I'll
> remove that restriction.

No, I wasn't serious about ejecting subscribers, or even individual 
postings.  Just making my little point.

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