configuring X, backspace, ....

Lino Miguel Martins Tinoco
Tue Dec 14 14:36:00 GMT 2004

I've those same entries also but that prints the octal value of the symbol, \347 and \307 for ç and Ç. This way the symbol isn't getting displayed but also isn't interpreted by bash and I can use it.

I'm going to put this message on other list, since this is not a problem with X.



> Nope. One thing more: if there's no .inputrc with the mappings (like 
> in the FAQ), the ç do a ls, otherwise it prints te octal value of the 
> symbol I define on .inputrc.

quite strange. I've no special mapping for ç but get it displayed in bash. The .inputrc contains set meta-flag on set output-meta on set convert-meta off and some entries which don't seem to be related

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