XDMCP Woes + Solaris

Mark Reis mcr2z@cs.virginia.edu
Thu Dec 9 19:48:00 GMT 2004


I've been banging my head up against a wall trying to get XDMCP working 
with two solaris machines.


Machine 1: Solaris 9 - The 9/02 build - not a lot of patches have been 
applied to bring it to the current level.

Machine 2: Solaris 9 - The 9/04 build -


I attempt to connect to both hosts with the startxdmcp batch file with 
the run line:

run XWin -logverbose 3 -query hostname -nodecoration -lesspointer


Now here is the part that is baffling.

Connecting to machine 1 works fine - Connecting to machine 2 fails. 
However, Exceed 6.2 is able to connect to both machines just fine.

Additionally - If I remove -nodecoration, Xorg will start, but there is 
no display shown.

Any suggestions?


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