Duplicate invocation problem with xwin.exe

Martin Gill martin@martinsgill.co.uk
Thu Dec 9 08:55:00 GMT 2004

Arturus Magi wrote:

> Martin Gill wrote:
>> Ok, managed to find out what the problem was.
>> Seems it's Zone Alarm. I had to completely uninstall it to solve the
>> problems.
>> Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else ever has the same 
>> problems.
>> I've sent a note to ZA support... if they offer a solution i'll post it
>> here.
> On cygwin, some of the socket interface is emulated by using loopbacks 
> on internet sockets, so Xwin, Xinit, and several other programs need 
> to have access to the internet, and Xwin needs server rights.  If 
> server rights are denied, xterm would not have been able to connect to 
> the X server (and might have attempted to reinvoke xinit...I'm not 
> sure whether there is any special handling in there).
> Did you check ZA before uninstalling to make sure you hadn't blocked 
> access?
Yes. I have ZA running in advanced mode, so that I get to decide what to 
do at each stage, and I gave XWin and everything else complete permissions.

Might try installing ZA again tonight and see if I can nail down the 
problem a bit more, luckily i'm behind a hardware firewall, so the loss 
of a desktop one isn't too serious in the short term, and the windows 
firewall kicked in anyway, no problems with that one. A quick google 
turned up a number of articles that said something about ZA causing 
problems with the way Xwin uses sockets, but i'm not sure yet that 
applies to what i;m seeing.

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