Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Dec 8 23:14:00 GMT 2004

Kevin Van Workum wrote:

> Has anyone out there compiled openbox-3.2 on cygwin? It worked until the
> final step. Below is the command that it failed on and a couple of the
> error messages. It looks like it's not finding the right libraries, but
> I don't know for sure since I'm not an expert on X11.
> --make output--
> ....
> /home/vanw/openbox-3.2/render/render.c:53: undefined reference to
> `_XCreatePixmap'

Try to find the library where the reference points to, e.g.:
$ cd /usr/X11R6/lib ; grep -r _XCreatePixmap *

If it is there, see if this lib is on your linkline, if not then add it,
if it is already there try to change the order of the libraries or add
the relevant lib at the end of the link command a second time.


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