Packaged X Server for easy use

Joseph Miller
Tue Dec 7 19:47:00 GMT 2004

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On Tuesday 07 December 2004 12:15 pm, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 11:43:33AM -0500, Joseph Miller wrote:
> >Hello X Cygwin project.  I got tired of the only option to use an X
> >Server on Windows to be either use the X-Win32 trial (like i would pay
> >$200+ for that!) or install the full cygwin environment.
> You don't have to install the "full cygwin environment".  The setup.exe
> installer allows you to install or not install whatever you please.
> >So what I did was take out the binaries required to run the X Server
> >(along with ssh and rsh) and put a Windows GUI interface to it, then
> >packaged it with an installer so that the average user could download
> >and use it.  Please check it out at
> > and let me know what
> >you guys think.  My next step is to rebuild the binaries from the
> >sources, allow for installation along side of Cygwin without
> >interference, and add -mwindows to remove the cmd.exe box that comes up
> >with each window.
> Actually you may want to consider that your next step should be setting
> up a mailing list to discuss your package.  We don't want to clutter
> this mailing list with discussion of random other packages that don't
> have anything to do with the intended purpose of this mailing list.
> And, for all of the people with fingers poised to fire off a "I want
> hear about this interesting package" response to this message -- please
> don't bother.  You'll have to live with the fact that I am meanly not
> allowing this off-topic discussion.
> cgf

I am starting a mailing list at for this project.  It should 
be active by tomorrow as there is a delay when you add a mailing list to a 
project.  Sorry for sending to the wrong list, but I did think it would be 
good to at least announce it here in case others were looking for the same 

I do realize that you do not have to install the entire cygwin installation 
but can use setup.exe and customize it, but I just don't think that even that 
would suffice for what I was looking for.  What many users who were only 
looking for an X Server would not like about that is the whole situation with 
launching a bash session from batch file and having to work with mounts, etc.  
That was really what I meant by the Cygwin environment.  With my project, 
those things still exist but are never seen by the user.

- -Joseph
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